Another Round Trip Ticket on Boomerang Airlines!

The closest I got to Nashville last week was a guy singing and playing guitar at Whiskey River restaurant at the Charlotte airport.

In exchange for a $5 tip, he played one of my favorite Creedence songs: “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”.

Totally worth it.

As with several other travel attempts this year, my day ended in a cancelled flight and a hastily rescheduled trip straight back home.

I believe I hold several records for shortest-term parking in the long-term lot!

So far in 2015, I have missed trips to San Diego and Florida.

Tina has also ridden the home-go-round express several times.


As with every other trip, my first thought (once the delays and cancellations began piling up) was: how can I make the person at the customer service desk laugh?

It seems like an odd pattern, but I swear it saves the day for my own sanity as well as theirs.

Last week, for example, I could sense tempers rising in the lonnnnnnng line behind us.

I know that ‘they’ know that it’s not the desk people who cancelled the flight, but long day slogging through steamy mid-Atlantic airports can take some of the joy out of travel.

When we finally got through, we thanked the woman who’d been such a big help. As we approached our new gate, Tina realized we would not be sitting together on the flight home, and said (while handing me the boarding passes): “Well, Mr. ‘I Love to Talk to People’, let’s see what you can do!”

With a big smile and a wave, I asked if there was any way we’d be able to make a seat adjustment.

“Ohhh, I don’t think we’ll be able to” was her initial response as she scanned what appeared to be a full flight on her screen.

My only leverage was an offer to split the bottle of rum in my bag with the two of them.

“Your typing skills may go out the window, but you’ll be the happiest gate people in the airport!”

Her next words, with a big smile: “Here you go, sir” as she handed me our new seat vouchers.

It’s the way I was raised, it’s the way I enjoy walking through the world…and I really enjoy it.

More flies with honey than vinegar?

I’m not sure if it works every time, but I do know that I was flying (at 34,000 feet as I originally wrote this) because I chose to add sweetness to an interaction which could leave many with a bitter taste.

How will YOU deal with YOUR next ‘life interruption’?

You can stomp your feet and pitch a fit…or you can work with those around you to find the best solution.

It may only cost you a smile, a little rum or $5.00 to have someone sing you a song while you wait for the world to fix itself…but it will be worth it.


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