Are You Entwined by the Vines?

My favorite text to send to Tina is: “Hey, I’m playing with the chainsaw!”

Her answer is always the same: “Still got all your fingers and toes?”

This past Winter, the entrance to the part of my Dad’s yard where he dumps his grass clippings (referred to as ‘The Gamlin Landfill’) became blocked by several trees which fell last winter.

As I fired up the chainsaw and waded into the brush, I was disappointed to learn the reason so many trees had taken a tumble: they were practically handcuffed together by an intricate network of vines.

After the tallest of the trees had reached its limit of heavy wet snow, it toppled.

Like dominoes, 4 smaller trees fell with it.

What used to be a beautiful wall of trees is now a mess of uprooted trunks and holes in the ground. Although my efforts did contribute a small trailer of firewood for this winter, I spent most of my time trimming away and untangling the vines which had caused a gravitational chain reaction.


How are YOUR trees holding up these days?

Are the beautiful parts of your life strong enough to stand on their own when one takes a tumble, or will you be wiped out if one should fail?

Will one business failing uproot your personal life, or vice-versa?

Are there people in your life who weave a sinister web of drama and bad energy, causing you to lose strength, keeping you from standing tall?

Will you take a moment this week to examine your roots, making sure they are strong enough to withstand the storms that come your way?

Please honor yourself by clearing away the vines which may be clogging your walkways, making it difficult to grow and stand strong.


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