The ‘Experts’ Don’t Owe You Anything Extra!

 “Jon gave me all the tools to succeed…now it’s up to me.”

So sayeth the owner of a bar after it was ‘rescued’ by Jon Taffer and his experts on a recent episode of Bar Rescue.

Several months later, despite being the MOST money ever invested (6-figures) into a makeover…the place was shuttered and up for sale.

According to on-line reviews and comments, it seems the owners did not step up and test-drive the new equipment, systems or menu items.

Sad, really.

It’s funny, I read so many comments about how Jon Taffer is a circus clown who blows into town, stomps his feet and berates the failing bar ownership and staff, slaps on a fresh coat of paint and leaves.

Some people actually blame HIM when a bar eventually fails.

Here’s my point of view.

Jon Taffer doesn’t owe these people crap.

Their behavior drove the bar’s existence to within inches of the cliff.

He gave them the tools to succeed and a bunch of education…then their egos, attitudes and actions blew it over the edge and onto the rocks.

Do some succeed?

Hell yes, and I give them a ton of credit for taking the advice, checking their egos at the door, and turning things around.

Sadly, many don’t.

I personally observed a similar outcry about 15 years ago, when Tony Robbins’ personal life was in disarray.

At the time, I was the number-one poster in the world in his on-line community forums.

Is it because I was being paid to do so?


Simply put, my life sucked at the time and I spent my days there to feel better by helping others.

What I did mostly was defend Tony’s reputation (not that he needed me to) to people who were slamming him as a scam artist who ultimately failed his followers…because he was committing the unforgivable sin of going through a divorce.

My answer to so many people: “Tony is human.”

Some of them continued to lay blame, discounting Tony’s credibility because their demi-god proved to be imperfect…and now they could blame HIM for their own failing lives.

Once again, the experts do not owe us a damn thing.

They write books.

We read them.

They have live events.

We go see them.

They create products.

We listen to them.

It is up to us to take what we feel will work for us, and implement the advice.

Are there scumbags out there who promise ‘get rich quick’ results and ‘miraculous life-changing strategies’?

Yes there are…and if we fall blindly for that crap, it’s our own fault.

There are people in EVERY industry who are screwing the public over.

The personal development field is no exception.

I have invested close to $20,000 in personal development materials, seminars, events and coaching over the years.

My life has been very successful at times…and has sucked out loud as well.

Never, EVER in all this time have I dared lay blame on the experts.

I’ve never fired off an angry e-mail or video directed at the gurus to let them know that they OWE me because my life still sucks.

It’s pretty laughable, actually.

What are the two magic words (with a nod to Larry Winget, the KING of this) when it comes to personal development, business success or ANY improvement in one’s life?

1) personal

2) responsibility

That applies to speakers and authors of ALL levels.

One situation has already happened to me, as a gentleman raised his hand from the back row and said “Uhhh, this stuff is all pretty simple, common-sense really.”


My answer: “Uhhh, yeah…are you doing it?”

He smiled, picked his pen back up to take notes and said: “I guess not”.

I am responsible for writing these articles, recording radio shows, shooting videos, publishing books and delivering my message at live events to the best of my ability.

That’s where my responsibility ends.

I can only hope to engage your mind, inspiring you to take what I say ands use it to make part of your life better.

I’m not Tony Robbins, and I’m not Jon Taffer.

I am me: Steve Gamlin.

You are you: (your name here).

If anything I say sounds like it will work for you, I am happy. Please use it to improve your life.

If it doesn’t fit your style, please don’t bother.

I am not here to grab you, shake you by the shoulders and say you’re an idiot (my mission is not called “Life Rescue”), that’s not my style.

I am here to share lessons I have learned in my own life.

No guarantees, no magic formulas, no BS.

Just being real, because I’ve lived it.

If this message suits you, excellent!

If I’m not the right solution for you, someone out there might be a better fit.

I encourage you to honor yourself by finding them.

No hard feelings!


As a bonus, here are 5 resources which have great impact on MY life:

1)  ANYTHING by Larry Winget!

2) “The Success Priciples” by Jack Canfield

3) “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann

4)  SUCCESS Magazine

5) “The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall

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