Bob Marley MAKES Every Little Thing (Gonna Be All Right)!

A couple weeks ago, my dear friend (and former fellow stand-up comic) Amy Tee shared a post on my Facebook page. It was a photo of Bob Marley, with the quote: “The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why Should I?”

First off, I am so appreciative that she took the time to share.

Second, I was humbled and honored that she said it reminds her of me.

Everywhere you look these days, it is so easy to find negative news, frustrated people, bitterness, travesty and tragedy.

Some people simply shrug it off and say “Why should I even bother, the whole world’s going to hell and I can’t change it.”

It could be easy to see it that way.   BobMARLEY

Having been through good times and bad, I’ve seen (even on my lowest days) how the smallest gesture by someone absolutely made my day.

Some people made me laugh, some shared their generosity and others just reached out to say “I appreciate having you as my friend”.

In those moments, the world DID change…to me, anyway.

Over the weekend, a social media friend actually took the time to make a comment on my sharing of a ‘good news’ story.

She said “I love seeing your positivity, every day!”

She completely rocked my world by saying that.

I wrote back, letting her know.

See, it’s the little things that can make a difference, cause a shift, redirect the flow of energy.

During a conversation a while back, someone blurted out in frustration: “Well I can’t exactly be Mother Teresa!”

No, you can’t.

And the world doesn’t need you to be.

We already had one.

She made her mark on the world, leaving clues of how we can ALL show compassion, care and share.

Bob Marley is gone too, but he left his mark.

Not only did much of his music share a message of hope, love and peace, he also left us with the beautiful words which my friend Amy cared enough to share with me.

There will always be bad news, and there will always be bad people.

They punch their time-card every day and do their best to expand negativity in the world.

You don’t have to join them.

All you have to do is be YOU.

Find the goodness in the world, and kick a little of your own into the mix.

I’m not out to destroy negative people, or any people actually.

I am simply here to create more positive energy, to offset whatever they are doing.

You can do it too.

I believe in you.

You rock, mon.


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