Sunrise, Seagulls and Surfers…My Memorable Saturday Morning!

On Friday afternoon, Tina’s text suddenly rearranged my weekend plans:

“Pat and Krista invited us to the beach for the weekend”.

That bit of news didn’t break my heart one bit.

Several hours later, after doing some yard work for my Dad and making a bank deposit, we arrived at Hampton beach NH, where our friends own a summer cottage.

Knowing a beautiful sunrise would likely be in the cards, I brought along my cameras.

At 5:15 the next morning, I was one of 4 people on the beach (plus a paddle-boarder and a surfer who were joyfully braving the waves) to greet the first orange and purple streaks of the Saturday morning sky.

Both cameras were rolling as I captured dozens of photos and also shot several videos to use in my presentations and, more importantly, to capture ‘moments’ that I can revisit every time I need a boost.

Here is my favorite shot.


How was YOUR weekend?

   Did you have any interactions which stand out and make you smile? 

   Did you see something that made you happy? 

   Did you somehow capture these moments with a photo or video? 

Face it, somewhere down the line you’re going to have a day that really sucks.

We all do.

At times like that, a great memory of better times can really help.

These little ‘moments’ that we carry can remind us of the best parts of our lives.

Having a bad day? Think of your favorite memory with a friend.

Even better, if you can: reach out to that friend and ask “Do you remember the time that we (insert kick-butt happy memory here)?”

Many times, when I have done this, I discovered that my friend was also in need of a pick-me-up that day.

What was so powerful about my sunrise session this weekend?

Not only do I have it forever, but I also shared it on social media and got dozens of likes and comments from people who were affected in a positive way.

HUGE win.

There is so much negativity being trumpeted out there in the media these days.

We are being bombarded, endlessly, with pictures of violence, despair…and brainless celebrities.

   Sunrises are real…they signify new beginnings. 

   Surfers are cool…they recognize the power of the ocean, and joyfully play in it. 

   Seagulls are awesome…sometimes they fly over red carpets and poop on brainless celebrities. 

Did that make you laugh?

If so, please copy this article and save it for the next time you need a smile.

Look at that…we just made a cool memory, together.

Have a rockin’ week, my friends!

This week’s Call to Action: when you see something you like, something that makes you smile, someone who makes you happy…take a picture of/with them. Keep it on your phone or laptop screen as a reminder.

P.S. Please do not do anything illegal or stalk people, okay?!?  🙂

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