Bobby the Bartender’s Triple-Shot of Inspiration!

Last week I had a chance to work with one of my favorite (entertainment company) clients as they took their employees on a dinner cruise, launching from Boston.

Much like Gilligan’s Island, it was a 3-hour tour…(a 3-hour tour).


Despite the challenges of getting the sound equipment on-board (long narrow walkways and steep stairs), it was a joy to spend time with these wonderful people.

While my client’s team members were in the lower level enjoying dinner, I approached the main-deck bartender for a soda.

As we engaged in small talk, he asked how long I’d been an emcee/DJ and if it was my full-time gig. I mentioned I’ve been enjoying it for nearly 22 years and that I am also a professional speaker and author, sharing a blend of ‘real life’ motivation and humor.

For the next 15 minutes, we shared a high-energy back-and-forth conversation about how similar our paths are. It turns out Bobby (the bartender) has been doing his job for so long, and so well, that the cruise line’s parent company sends him all across the country to inspire and train his up-and-coming bartenders and management teams.

His rich experience, his openness, his hustle. his humor and his passion for serving others are serving HIM well.

When I joked that he reminded me of Jon Taffer from ‘Bar Rescue’, he said “I love that show, and that’s kind of what I get to do!”

What value do YOUR skills and knowledge bring to the table?

If you’re not sure, this might be a good week to ASK your supervisors why they keep you around.

Or, if you are self-employed (which can occasionally be a soul-searching abyss of “Am I even making a difference?”), this may be the week you ask your clients why they do business with you.

Can it be an awkward conversation?


Can it be a rewarding one?

You bet.

Just remember to be like Bobby.

He loves what he does.

He hustles.

He maintains a positive outlook, on purpose.

I got to observe him constantly in motion, working hard whether there was a line at the bar or not a soul in the room.

He’s got a great spirit.

I am sure some people say to him (as they say to me): “You’re lucky you have such a fun job!”

We’re not lucky because we HAVE it, we’re fortunate that we CHOSE to do it and have to bust our butts every day to make it pay off.

This is hard work, man.

At the time of this writing, it is 4:57am.

I’ve been up for an hour, wracking my brain around how I was going to share how Bobby the Bartender inspired me.

I hope my words have adequately let his light shine here a bit for you.

   1) put a ton of effort into everything you do

   2) inspire others by the way you do your job (no matter what you do)

   3) walk your talk and be the best (insert your position) that you can be

Thank you, Bobby the Bartender, for your triple-shot of inspiration!


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