Drink Your Nectar, Tell the Bullies to Squawk Off!

While on vacation over the weekend, Tina and I paid a visit to one of our favorite zoos. We’d been there 8 years ago when we first started dating, and it was nice to be there together again.

In addition to the giraffe-feeding area (man, they sure do slobber!), we got to hand-feed cups of nectar in the aviary.

The birds really love this.

So do I.

With GoPro camera in hand, I spied a beautifully-feathered bird and offered up the cup.

After several hungry licks, another bird approached and squawking loudly, actually BOOTED my bird away with a couple of kicks that would have made Mr. Miyagi proud.

Here is the video from that moment.

(click on photo to view)

ss (2015-09-06 at 03.31.24)

Not one to suffer bullies well, I withdrew the cup and slid down the hand-rail in favor of the original bird.

As happens in real life the bully-bird followed and, squawking even more loudly, actually hurtled over my bird and nudged his own beak into the cup. My bird simply walked away, again.

For the 3rd and final time, I redirected the cup (with just a few sips left in it) back to bird #1.

This time, the bully simply flew away.

Now back in the real world, I look back on this and wonder if I’ve been the bully…even by accident.

I know I’ve been bird #1 several times.

Some people will say “survival of the fittest”.

It happens in life, it happens in business and it happens in relationships.

As champion of the underdog, I do my best to honor those most deserving of the rewards, not necessarily those who bully themselves to the front of the line stealing the goods away from those to whom they were offered.

This week, how can YOU play the game fairly, going out there earning and enjoying your rewards…NOT stealing from others?

After all, Mr. Miyagi was more proud of the lessons learned that the actual fight.

Don’t be a bird-kicker.

Enjoy your nectar.


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