Just Imagine There’s Frosting on Your Dumbbells!

During a recent radio appearance, I was filling in for the managers of a local fitness facility and got to share MY views on health. Thank you Rocco and Laurie from Integrity Health Coaching Centers (Bedford, Londonderry and North Conway NH) for inspiring the humorous diatribe which led to this article.

Let’s face it, butt-cheeks across America are wider than ever.

I am not immune to this. I’m currently pushing the scale to the high 220s.

Luckily I am 6’2” and have a killer collection of vertically-striped shirts.

I still remember when my doctor told me that I should eat better and get more exercise.

My answer: “I have a gym membership!”

His blank stare and pause were priceless.

After all, many people HAVE a gym membership.

The next day, the computer at my gym nearly wet itself laughing as it calculated the number of days since my last visit.

Put it this way: if it calculated in dog years, I’d probably be dead.

How are YOU doing these days?

Are you getting enough exercise?

Are you making healthy food choices?

Or, like many Americans, does your workout consist of Cupcake Curls?


You know, flexing your forearms as you guide that frosted monster to your pie-hole?

As we head into the home-stretch of 2015, I want you to take an honest look at yourself in the mirror.

Yes, naked.

Don’t beat up on yourself…just be honest.

Could you be doing better?

This doesn’t mean that I want you to swipe your credit card for the next piece of exercise equipment you see on an infomercial (those ‘after’ people aren’t really THAT happy working out anyway).

Here are 3 simple steps to creating a better, healthier you.

  1. Know your specific health goals (weight, body mass, whatever). It’s okay to include something less technical like “I want to look better naked” too.
  2. Find someone who has done it and learn from them. Is the trainer at your gym in worse shape than you are? Do NOT pay that person to train you!
  3. Take a daily action toward your goal, ON PURPOSE. Bending over to tie your shoes does NOT count as an ab-crunch.

One thing to remember: CELEBRATE every little victory (just not by curling a cupcake)!

If you, like me, have some extra pounds which snuck up on you over the years, do not expect your muffin-top to jump ship in a week.

Also, make it FUN to eat better and exercise.

Look on-line for cool recipes that include healthy ingredients whose names you can’t even spell.

Listen to some kick-butt music that makes you smile while you’re working out.

Heck, imagine there’s frosting on the dumbbells!

Just don’t lick them…that would be weird.


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