Partly Grainy With a Chance of Splinters!

 As I gear up for the long-awaited (we’re talking lonnnnnng) release of my “Engaging Your WHY / Success Vision” program, I’ve been strategically renovating the recording studio gearing up for a series of webinars to not only launch the product, but also educate and coach my attendees.

First off, I need to thank (from the bottom of my heart) my friends Jon Schumacher and Michael Bloom from ‘Hangouts That Convert’. In a world filled with schemers who trumpet the “latest and greatest get it before midnight tonight batteries not included but wait there’s more!” types of offers…these guys are THE REAL DEAL.

Their educational programs have been top-notch. I’ve got several dozen pages of notes which I’ve painstakingly put into practice over the past few months.

Last week I had a test-run webinar with my good friend and fellow speaker Laurie-Ann.

As soon as we were connected, I discovered that my laptop’s internal camera wasn’t quite up to snuff.

“You look fine but the background’s really grainy…what is it?”

About a month ago, I invested $70 in rough-sawn pine barn board for one wall of my recording studio.

I don’t mind if it looks knotty…but grainy is bad.


The next day I ordered a new HD webcam, the one recommended by Jon and Michael.

It wasn’t super-expensive. Note to my accountant: we bought a new webcam…see you at tax-time!

Today I did another test-drive…getting there!

The one concern I do have is with the wood on the wall behind me.

As it was assembled in the middle of a hot and humid stretch of Summer, the humidity levels were sky-high. In those conditions, we jammed the wood together tightly with very little nailing beyond the guide-boards at the bottom of the wall.

Now the weather is chilling out a bit and the wood has shrunk slightly. Before today’s test run, I spied a couple of loose boards which needed to be pushed back so they wouldn’t fall.

Yeah, that’s all I need: to be bonked off the noggin in the middle of a webinar!

First order of business when I get to the studio tomorrow: secure the wall.

Are YOU taking the time to assess your environment on a regular basis?

Are you aware of things that could go wrong, impeding your progress toward success?

How can you take an extra moment to keep a clear view and ensure the sky is NOT falling…ready to hit you on the head?

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