Reason #78 Why Procrastination Rocks!

I’ll be honest, that number is probably much higher. I just haven’t bothered to track them all.

You may think that’s a joke…nope.  

Weekends in my world are a busy time. In addition to my speaking career, I have also been a professional emcee/DJ for nearly 22 years.

For much of the past decade, my weekly e-newsletter has been delivered on Mondays, which means I need to write a new article, shoot a new video, produce a new radio show, find positive news to share, etc.

So many people think I am sitting on a mountain of pre-produced material, allowing me to simply push a button and deliver.


I prefer to live in the moment, relating cool life lessons and stories as they strike me.

Living ‘in the moment’, in my world, often means ‘waiting until the last available moment’.

Yup. I did it again.

While the rest of this week’s offering was completed during the first half of Sunday’s Patriots game (3 and 0, baby!), nothing was piquing my interest enough to expound upon.

   Does this make me nervous? 

   Do I worry that I won’t be able to create something? 

   Do I fear running out of ideas? 

Oh, hell yes…every week.

Yet, as always, I knew I’d meet a cool person who would inspire this week’s message.

This week I was wrong.

I met FOUR people who inspired me.

On Sunday night, Tina and I attended the Edwin McCain show at Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry NH. It was our second time seeing him there, and he never disappoints. His opening act was a Massachusetts native, Ryan Hommel (another awesomely talented performer).

If you ask Tina, she’ll confirm this factoid: no matter where we are, I find cool people to talk to.

This time it was triggered by overhearing a conversation about a battery-operated wine cork remover and a recording studio in Gilford NH*.

*Point of clarification, the studio is in Gilford. I cannot vouch for the origins of the cork remover.

Telling Tina “I’ll be back in a few minutes”, I approached the gentleman and, holding out my hand said “I couldn’t help but overhear that you’ve got a studio in Gilford. I worked in radio there years ago.”

This was my introduction to Producer/Singer/Songwriter Ryan Ordway who, with his business partner Franz Haase, is launching a project that absolutely blew my mind and touched my heart.

Along with Dakota Barron and Andreas Reif (of No Silence Media), they have created an incredible project called “A Day In This Life”, chronicling the life and struggles of musicians and the many good causes in this world via their ‘yes, it is really real’ reality show.

ss (2015-10-04 at 08.36.54)

In the ‘few minutes’ I told Tina I’d be spending with them (okay, it was closer to 20), I absolutely fell in love with what these guys are doing.

They will soon be guests on my radio show.

I am already a fan.

This is how my life works.

I never beat myself up over my habit of procrastinating.

Does it burn me sometimes?

Once again: hell, yes.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover do not share my great delight in waiting until the last minute to do things.

I’ve been gifted with enough of their late-payment penalties to know that.

But, when it comes to sharing these messages with you, my friends, I don’t worry.

I remain aware, at all times, that something cool is going to happen.

And it always does.

I hope that, even if you are a person who prefers to cautiously map out your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly events (believe me, I do respect this trait), you will set aside even a tiny portion of your life for living ‘the moment’ and the excitement it can bring.

Sometimes it feels like that moment will never happen.

Sometimes that moment lasts 20 minutes, like it did Sunday night (sorry, honey).

And sometimes, if you are open to it…that moment can change your life is an amazing way.

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