If My Toe Was a Rock Band, It Would Be Deep Purple!

Last week I made a decision that rocked my week. After waking extra early to do some writing and work on my website, I wanted to help Tina by opening the living room curtains. In an effort to save $.002 on this month’s electric bill. I turned off the lamp in my office area before bounding into the living room.


If I was transported to the old Batman TV show, that’s the caption that would have lit up the screen as my toe collided with the couch.

Doubled-over in pain, I collapsed on the cushion as Tina called out from down the hall.

“What was THAT?”

“My toe just found the couch in the dark…on the first try!”

For the first few hours, it was tough to tell if it was broken or not as it swelled and discolored.

It hurt like hell…and I instantly regretting turning off the light which would have prevented this from happening.

Nothing good happens in the dark.

Okay, almost nothing.

That one decision, turning off the light that would have led me safely, has affected me for almost a week now.

It’s been 5 days of ice bags, gauze wraps…and pulling to the left whenever I tried to walk a straight line.

Have YOU been ignoring the light lately?

Are you stumbling along in the dark, insisting you can do it on your own?

There’s no shame in leaving the lights on, so that you can navigate your way through whatever path you’re on, in your personal and business lives.

So, almost a week later: still swollen, still tender…still purple.

I won’t share a picture here, but last week’s Facebook post did bring some great advice and some pretty funny comments.

Here’s to your week.

Be sure to honor and respect the light in your life.

May your only breaks be for coffee!


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