Stop Doing Donuts, You’re Not Getting Anywhere!

During a particularly busy recent day, I got to share my most-requested keynote speech “Attitude, Action, Traction” at 5 events on 3 different college campuses. My featured story to explain ‘Traction’ explains the difference between the marks 2 cars leave on the pavement.

One is whipping around in a smoke-show that makes a lot of noise, wastes a bunch of gas…and gets absolutely nowhere when compared to where its journey began.

The other shows a stretch of 2-lane road with a brief skid mark in one lane. You can’t see the car which made it…but you know it was there.

Traction, in our lives, is the mark you make when you take in fuel (knowledge), apply it (take action) and go somewhere with it (achievement).

When you’re spinning round and round in circles not getting anywhere, it is a tremendous waste of time and energy.


When you take what you learn in life and go somewhere with it, you accomplish 2 things:

   1) you improve your own situation

   2) you leave an inspiring trail for others to follow

When I first started in the radio industry, I often heard my fellow employees speaking fondly of veteran co-workers who were no longer with the company (some who’d even passed away). They way they spoke, with such reverence for the person’s leadership and accomplishments which set a high example, is what inspired this part of my speech.

How can YOU gain traction this week and ‘go somewhere’?

What could you learn, and apply?

Do you need to back off the gas a bit and straighten out your steering wheel?

I know I need to do this with my new “Engagement/Vision Board” training program.

The lingering last few details have been hampered by my inability to complete a couple of relatively simple tweaks and tasks…and I’ve been spinning in circles far too long.

I’m ready to stop doing doing donuts in this part of my life.

This week will be dedicated to taking my foot off the gas, straightening out the wheel and actually GOING somewhere.

How about YOU?

Will your week be spent spinning your wheels in Smoke Show City…or will YOU get some much-needed Traction?


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