Pick Your Heroes Wisely…They Don’t ALL Wear Capes!

After watching yet another poor sideline performance by Dallas Cowboys player Greg Hardy, during which he shoved one of the team’s coaches, I found myself shaking my head for about the millionth time, wondering why people look up to athletes like him as their heroes.

Some of them deserve the accolades more, in my opinion, for what they do off the field than on.

J.J. Watt, a gigantic player for the Houston Texans, recently spent part of his day at a childrens hospital ward dressed as Batman.

To me (and to the sick kids): HERO.

According to an on-line dictionary, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.

Although I am a fan of many athletes, rock stars and celebrities, I actually prefer heroes who fly closer to the ground: regular everyday people who choose to act with nobility, integrity and compassion.


Last week I saw a story about a young man who defied the ridicule and foul language of a group of teens at a skate park when he taught a young girl how to ride her skateboard.  

To me (and the young girl’s mom), HE is a hero.

Over the weekend, a friend of mine gathered and delivered a bunch of items (including food, can openers and clothing) to assist the homeless veterans helped by Liberty House in Manchester NH.

NancyLibHouse2  NancyLibHouse1

To me (and to them), SHE is a hero!

How about YOU?

Who do you hold up as your heroes…and why?

Do they inspire you to be better, to fly higher and to help others?

And here’s something else that’s cool: I bet you’ve been a hero to someone.

Yes, you.

You don’t need to wear a cape and tights to be a hero.

You simply need to breathe life into that definition above.

I’d probably shrink my tights in the dryer and get my my cape stuck in the car door…but I do enjoy committing acts that reflect integrity and compassion.

Believe me, the world needs all the heroes it can find.

Go ahead.

Be one.

I bet you’ll be super at it!


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