Sometimes It’s Best to Find Fault!

During another weekend session cutting up several fallen trees, hauling them out of the woods to the car, then splitting and stacking them at the shed…I learned an important lesson.

Some people ask how I come up with so many stories.

My answer: I get out there and experience life every day…and I take notes.

Here’s the latest: sometimes it’s best if you find fault in something before you plow into action.

Case in point: as these logs are still fresh and unseasoned, they are loaded with moisture and difficult to split.

As I got closer to the trunk of the tree, some of these pieces are more than a foot thick.

The initial swing of my 6-pound maul yielded little more than a spray of moisture and an elbow-ringing rebound as the log seemed to laugh and ask: “Is that all you got, little lady?!?”

Luckily, the only other person around was Leon Russell blasting through the car speakers nearby, and he was too busy pounding away at his piano to chuckle at me.

After preparing to swing again, “from downtown” (as my Dad used to describe it), I spotted something which caused me to pause.

In the center of this log was a small fault-line I had not noticed prior to the first swing.


Spinning the log a quarter turn, I raised the maul once more and swung…yes, from downtown.

Crack! (thud thud)

One mighty swing…and the twin halves flopped off the chopping block to the grass below.

How many times would I have swung prior to gathering this knowledge?

I’d have been there a while, that’s for sure.

Is there something on your ‘To-Do List Chopping Block’ that you’ve been hacking away at for too long, wasting your muscles? Are you standing there breathing hard, putting in way too much effort…and the finished product hasn’t landed on the lawn yet?

Will you take a moment this week to put down the maul, step a little closer to the project and look for a fault-line that will make the job easier to complete?

Go ahead, take a pause for the cause.

Use up those extra muscles for something better, like high-fiving your team for a job well done.


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