Two Best Friends…One-and-a-Half Rakes

This past weekend I go to do something not everyone takes the time to do.

I got to hang out with my best friend for a couple hours, laugh our butts off and catch up on life.

Taking advantage of an extended-Fall, I offered to help him clear the remaining leaves out of his side yard…after I finished cutting, hauling, splitting and stacking firewood at my Dad’s.

Although my butt was already dragging when Rodney called, I was happy to help out.


A couple months ago, when it looked like I was not going to have enough firewood to even get to Christmas, he stepped up big-time.

After I shared my concerns, he told me that the town had dropped some trees on his property.

Less than a week later, I came home one day to find a bunch of it cut, split and stacked in my driveway.

No questions asked. No expectations. No keeping score.

We’ve been best friends for more than 30 years, having met in our late teens when we were hauling food carts through the halls of the Elliot Hospital in Manchester NH.

On Saturday, one of the biggest laughs came when he came back from the garage with…one and a half rakes.

I’m 6’2”, and I grabbed the half-rake. HalfRake2

Although it might have been more height-appropriate for Dopey, Doc or Bashful (Sneezy gets a pass due to allergies), I grabbed the truncated one and the fun began.

We had a blast.

Do YOU have a best friend?

How long has it been since you connected?

If we were to try and find a day to get together with our wives, sorting out all our schedules, we’d probably be talking about a 4thof July BBQ.

Instead, we found a way to add value to each others’ lives and create an experience.

I smile when I light a fire in the wood stove.

Now he can smile when he pulls in the driveway and doesn’t see any leaves.

This is real life.

Good stuff.

Real friends ROCK…and RAKE!


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