The Day Kris Kringle’s Camaro Rocked Christmas…Oy!

A few weeks ago, I sent my buddy Brad a message to wish him and his family a Happy Hanukkah. We’ve been friends for much of the past decade. He’s a good dude.

Brad lived here in New Hampshire for a few years, launching an award-winning catering company before deciding to return to the DC area to help with his family’s business.

We’ve kept in touch, because that’s what you do with good people.

His reply of thanks to my Hanukkah message came with a cryptic “What are you doing at 4pm on December 23rd?”

After telling him I was free, and he replied with a street address.

When the day came, I arrived just before 4pm.

The address turned out to be my local Sam’s Club.

“Do you have a membership?” he asked.


Out came his card as we walked through the front door.

As I grabbed the nearest carriage, his next line floored me: “Okay, I’ve been watching all the stuff you and The BeachBums have been doing for homeless veterans. Here’s 50-bucks…get what you need.”

“Dude, seriously?!?”

The next 20 minutes were spent criss-crossing aisles to maximize the buying power.

What we ended up with was enough items to help with weekly bag lunches for the next couple of months.


When we reached the parking lot, Brad also mentioned that some friends of his, who are aware of what we’ve been doing, had shared a bag of personal care items (soap, shampoo, lotion, etc.).

“I’ve got them right here”, he said as he hit a button on his rental car’s keychain.

A great big smile lit up my face as I saw the lights flicker on a shiny black Camaro…one of my favorite vehicles.

“There was a glitch with my original rental…so I got this!”

Okay, let me make sure I’ve got all the details correct…my generous Santa Claus (who is Jewish) just showed up in a Camaro, after flying all the way from Washington DC, to buy supplies to feed homeless veterans in New Hampshire.

You can’t make this stuff up.

THIS is what happens when you invest your time building relationships with GOOD people.

As we prepare to turn the calendar to a new year, are there some people you need to keep close…and others you need to send to the North Pole?

You could be amazed at what happens in your life…and theirs.

Thank you, Santa Brad.



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