You’re Renting Me for My Talent, NOT My Tolerance!

Wow, I hate to start the year off with a near-rant…but this needs to be said.

Before I start the lesson, let me first say this:

Hello my friends, happy new year!

There, now we’re all smiling.

During the month of December, I had the opportunity to be part of several corporate holiday celebrations. I’ve been invited to share my emcee skills, positivity and music at events like this for more than two decades.

If I am there, it is because I have earned the reputation as a professional, mostly because of my dedication to my clients and their desired outcomes, not my own selfish ‘rock star’ dreams of stardom.

Basically, I am there because of my talent…not my tolerance.

In my most simple explanation: I’m here to do a job, not put up with your crap.

One thing I’ve begun to notice more and more over the past 5 years or so is this: some people choose to be a-holes at the worst possible times.

I’ve had people go off, in the middle of my motivational presentations, about how bad their lives and the economy are, and how it’s not their fault.

I’ve had to listen to employees bad-mouthing their bosses, in my ear, as the boss used my microphone to address the team.

Most recently, I watched an employee of a company not only refuse to get out of the way of a server who was carrying a full tray of glasses…he intentionally nudged her arm and caused the tray to fall to the floor, breaking several of them.

Are you kidding me?

At the end of the evening, I spoke with the banquet manager about how I have been witnessing the downslide of respect over the past few years, both for the venues I have spoken in as well as the staff members who work hard to make events successful.

When I asked if the problem had been addressed with the client directly, she replied: “No, we’re not allowed to say anything”.

That stinks, and is (in my opinion) sooooo wrong.

I’m not sure if it is an entitlement mentality, or if some people just don’t care anymore.

As a professional speaker, emcee and entertainer, I have one simple rule: be the easiest person for my clients to work with and DO MY JOB.

That means:

* delivering my presentations with all the energy needed to fulfill my mission

* carry myself with integrity in all phases of the event, from planning to follow-up

* treat EVERYONE, at all levels, with respect every step of the way

Sounds simple enough.


After watching the behavior of some people this past year, including some (cough cough) ‘leaders’, I have (several times) confronted people to ask “Do you have any idea how rude you are?”

Not everyone can do this…sadly.

Clerks at convenience stores cannot.

Cashiers at retail stores cannot…which allows customers to be as rude as they wish.

I’m self-employed. Nobody from HR is going to call me in.

Other than my professional reputation, I have no ‘permanent record’.

When I call people on their behavior, I figure it will either result in the shredding of my paycheck or a standing ovation from the rest of the team.

I’m not sure which would make me happier…but I’m sure it will make me smile either way.

Will YOU promise to go through this year with the level of respect and integrity that you SHOULD have?

Or will you stake your claim on your patch of property and not give an inch, even if it will help someone else achieve their goal (even one as simple as navigating a crowd with a tray of glasses)?

It’s up to you.

Keep sharing your talent with the world, as best you can.

Please remember, as you’re doing this, that the world does not need to tolerate any extra BS from you.

Who knows? You might even become more successful this way.

I bet you’ll be happier.

I am.


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