What Is Left Behind, After the Thrill Is Gone?

Judging by the number of comments I’ve seen overflowing on social media, the loss of founding Eagles member Glenn Frey is being felt around the world. Many people have expressed their condolences paired with their most fond memories of a concert, their favorite Eagles song (and what it means to them) or simply the sharing of good thoughts for his family, friends and band members.

Music is such a powerful, emotional medium.  During my ten-year radio career, the fielding of special requests and dedications was practically a daily occurrence.

Whether we are musicians ourselves, or speakers, authors, office-workers, blue-collar contractors or fast-food workers…we are ALL sharing our song with the world.

As we make our way through our daily lives, we sing our song in the way we speak, the actions we take, and the impression we make on those around us.

Some days we sing joyfully.

Some days we sing the blues.

Sometimes we share a triumphant song.

Sometimes we share cautionary tales of how we screwed it all up.

One thing we need to remember: the world HEARS our song, every day.

While watching their self-produced ‘History of The Eagles’ documentary, it was readily apparent that despite their beautiful on-stage harmonies, off-stage the band often experienced volatility.

We are not always in harmony with the world in our daily lives.

We are human.

We do our best.

The world will choose how it remembers us…just as much as we choose how we will share our song.

After MY thrill of living life here on Earth is gone, I am hoping to be remembered as someone who sang songs of hope, joy, laughter and possibility.

What songs are YOU sharing with the world as a human being, a business professional or even as a company?

What is left…after the thrill is gone?

The echoes, the memories, the faces of your fans…and even those of your critics.

I encourage you to not only know the song you wish to share with the world, but to sing it loudly and proudly while you can.

While I never saw them in concert, I do treasure many Eagles songs…each one holding a special place in my life.

I am joyful that, in the early 1970’s, Glenn Frey and Don Henley became friends (thank you Linda Ronstadt) and decided to combine their talents. I am thankful that, while the door occasionally revolved, each band member brought on board helped make the songs even better.

It is my goal to do the same.

Go ahead, sing your song.

Let the world hear it.

I will sit here and sing mine.

I may hit a bum note now and then, but I am always thankful to those who listen and let me know how it affects them.

May you enjoy the same.

I wish you peace.


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