From Radio Daze to Ice Cream Dreams!

One of my favorite things to do is showcase friends of mine who are creating success not only for themselves, but for those who choose to share their journey. I have had the amazing fortune to have this young woman cross my career path TWICE!

Although I do not get to indulge often (horizontally-striped shirts cannot provide all the slimming I need these days), I stopped by my favorite ice cream place last week, owned by an old friend. After the first few sips of a DELICIOUS coconut shake, I spied a note I’d written to her a couple years ago. It reminded me of this blog, one of my favorites from the archives.

Two weeks ago, while attending a Chamber of Commerce event, we enjoyed a barbecue as we networked our way around the event. For dessert, we were told to visit the ‘Inside Scoop’ table for the good stuff.

As I approached, the young lady behind the table exclaimed: “Oh my gosh…Steve!!!

“Hillary!” (I was amazed that I actually remembered, as my brain is usually as dependable as an Etch-A-Sketch on a bumpy road).

She smiled as I held out my hand to shake hers. Hillary had been a 15-year-old intern at a radio station I worked at a decade ago. She was a dedicated, mature, talented young lady who worked so hard (for free) that she earned her own paid radio shift!

After I retired from radio in 2001, I hadn’t seen her in many years…and here she was scooping ice cream with a smile.

“You work here now?” I asked.

“I own the place”, she replied.

Sweet, I thought.

A week later, there I was at her Bedford NH establishment for a business meeting.

For years, she told me, she’d wanted to open her own ice cream shop (they’ve got GREAT sandwiches, soups and light fare too).

Now, in her mid-20’s, she’s working hard, has a clear vision and has surrounded herself with people who believe in her dream.

I am even more proud of her now than I was back in our radio days.

Congratulations Hillary, you’ve earned a double-scoop of my respect and admiration!

Here’s where YOU can enjoy delicious flavors and a smile!

The Inside Scoop  260 Wallace Rd.  Bedford NH   (603) 471-7009


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