The Snowman Asks: “Did That Last Snowstorm Make My Butt Look Big?”

We all have stuff.

It comes across our desk, composting in piles.

It lies in wait, attached to e-mails which gather cyber-dust daily.

It sits in boxes, stacked high, awaiting a decision on whether or not we keep it.

This thought crossed my mind last week as I cleared the deck at my Dad’s house.

A few weeks ago, after a particularly sticky snowfall, my stepmom Aline engaged her inner child and pressed a recent gift into service. She had received a ‘Snowman Kit’ from a friend and saw the opportunity.

After each storm since, I have carefully guided our monstrous snowblower around him.

With this mild winter, his features have changed noticeably.

On top, his hat has grown a bit wobbly.

At his base, he’s begun to settle into an ever-widening snowbank.

Gone is his original state of svelte roundness.


He couldn’t crawl out of this ‘stuck’ position even if his scrawny stick arms were still attached (he lost them to melting a week ago).

If that old silk hat we found still held even an ounce of magic (“Happy Birthday!”) he’d have to start chipping away at all the clutter before he could attempt to dance around.

We get this way too: in our homes, our cars, our offices…even in our minds.

How is YOUR proverbial butt doing after the latest round of e-mails, calls, deliveries and other distractions all dumped their latest storms in YOUR life?

Are you running lean and mean, keeping your area clean and not getting bogged down?

Or are you feeling stuck in an ever-growing snowbank of slow-down?

Think about it.

Do something about it.

You might just become a more jolly, happy soul.

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