Super Teddy’s Super-Simple Rule of Life!

Let’s face it, there are people and situations happening in our country right now which completely defy logic. We’ve got injustices, cheating, deception and every other reason to be ticked off about something.

We’ve each got the choice, though, to let these things crawl around in our heads and fester (or worse, spew them in endlessly hateful tirades on social media) until we are no longer honoring our own mission in the world…or acknowledge that they exist, and do something positive anyway.

Too many people are getting caught up in railing against the world, burning down buildings and destroying their communities (and each other) instead of letting their voices and actions help create something better.

We’ve got politicians who seem to be doing everything EXCEPT lead. We have big-businesses poisoning our planet and we’ve got too many individuals who do nothing but sit around and bitch, feeling more and more entitled as the years pass.


What if, instead of waking up each day and drowning in the misery of the headlines, we each took a moment to ponder our purpose for the day, deciding what we can do to ADD to our own lives and the lives of others that day?

How about if we simply made the decision to put something GOOD in our heads before we headed out the door?

   Is there a book that inspires you?

   Is there a video that makes you laugh?

   Are there people who make you happy?

Take 5 extra minutes tomorrow and devote yourself to the happiness that comes from SOMETHING like this.

One of my favorite things is writing in my Gratitude Journal several days a week, quickly listing just three things I am thankful for each time.

I also love watching of people doing stupid things on shows like Ridiculousness….makes me laugh.

I can’t change the world. I don’t pretend to have that power.

But I can change *MY* world.

What I can also do is make the decision to help someone today, to let them know they are heard and cared for, to make someone’s walk through life a bit easier, to comfort someone whom life has kicked, to create an idea for a message which can help inspire people…something.

Doing this makes me happy.

It can work for you as well.

I don’t care where you stand on the socioeconomic ladder, you have value, and you can find happiness.

You CAN be an asset.

You just need to take a moment and understand that, every day.

The world isn’t kind to all of us, every day, but we CAN be kind to the world.

We just need to decide to, by putting something good in our heads and hearts each day…on purpose.

It might just be the decision that rocks the day for you…and one other person who is praying for a hero.

Can you?

WILL you?


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