Are You Rockin’ the Walls With Your Shower Crayons?

Where do most great ideas happen?

The answers I hear most often are:

1) in the car

2) in the shower

I finally solved my ‘in the car’ challenge by keeping a digital recorder with me at all times. Despite my attempts to remember my brainstorms by scribbling (with my eyes still staring through the windshield) onto my shotgun-ridin’ sticky-note pad, I managed to cause even greater frustration when I reached my destination and could not remember what world problem “GRYZDRF” was supposed to solve.

Yes, I did that.

The shower brings a whole other set of issues.

Unless you’ve invested in the latest waterproof technology, you’re in trouble when that idea strikes like lighting somewhere between the shampoo and conditioner. After all, you can only repeat your brilliance out loud so many times, as stinging bubbles trickle into your eyes, before it begins to sound like gibberish (and the neighbors start banging on the wall).

When I discussed this issue with a coach friend, we began to brainstorm ideas of a ‘Shower-Time Idea Catcher’. Then, just when it sounded like more work than I felt like tackling, I remembered the story (could be urban legend, not sure) about the Cold War Space Race, when the Americans were so fixated on inventing a pen that would write in the zero-gravity conditions of space that the Russians beat us to the punch by sending their astronauts into orbit…with a pencil.


Jokingly, I said to my friend: “I wish someone would invent Shower Crayons for adults!”

Another duh.  DollarphotoclubShowerSmall

I am now convinced that the marketing of these colorful, non-toxic wonders was completely off-base.

Instead of doodling dragons on the shower wall, you could map out marketing plans for the upcoming quarter, invent a way to shave 2 days off a shipping order, or strike it rich with a re-branding concept.

Corporations across America could line up a series of portable shower stalls and hand out flip-flops and shower crayons by the dozen until the shouts of “Eureka” echo through the steam.

March is International Ideas Month.

Before your ideas can reach ‘international’ status, they need to actually happen.

And when they do, they need to be recorded before they can be fleshed-out and implemented or wind up on the scrap heap.

Not all ideas or good ideas…but they all deserve a shot.

Are you capturing yours, or dooming them to a brief existence spent swirling around the drain before they float away, forever?


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