Will Today Be Perfect?


Yesterday was a busy one.

   I scripted, shot and produced 4 new videos.

   I fleshed out a new survey to help design a series of Vision Board webinar sessions.

   Tina and I made dinner together.

It was a good day.

Not a perfect day, but a good day.

How do I know the difference?

I realize there are things I could have done better.

   I did not go the gym as I’d intended (my new 4-word mantra: “Man boobs…not sexy”).

   My snack during The Voice was potato chips (even as I saw the oranges on the counter).

   I failed to complete and deliver this week’s e-newsletter.

Not a perfect day…oh well.

How do I fix it? Pretty simple, actually.

Awareness. Decision. Action.

At the end of the day, I took a quick look back, not to beat myself up but to at least identify one or two things I could have done (and will do today) better.

   Got up early this morning and went to the gym.

   Am drinking a fruit smoothie as I type this message (no potato chips).

   This message will be part of this week’s e-newsletter, going out today.

It’s only 8:30am at the time of this writing.

That’s a great start.

Will today be a perfect day?

I doubt it…but it will be better than yesterday, because I care enough about myself, and my speaking career, and my health, and my relationship with Tina (just wrote her a cute little note) to MAKE it a better day.

String enough days of awareness and efforts to improve together, and what do you get?

   A better day than you had yesterday.

   A better life than you might have had, when you look back.

   A better example for those who see you as a leader.

Go ahead, make it a less-than-perfect day.

It’s okay. No need to beat yourself up over it.

You can make it better tomorrow…and the day after that.


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