Are You Your CLIENTS’ Biggest Fan?

As I continue to chug along through my 12th year as a professional speaker, one thing has remained constant: every time I receive word that a client, or event attendee, has taken something I shared and DONE SOMETHING WITH IT…it absolutely ROCKS my day.


I recently had a conversation with a local musician. While he has not yet made an appearance on any national sales charts, he explained it perfectly: “When you get on that stage, singing and playing your heart out, singing a song that YOU created, and someone comes up to you and tells you how that song inspired them…there is nothing better”.

This morning my day got rocked once again.

A team member from Athena’s Home Novelties (one of my most loyal clients, January 2017 will be our FIFTH Vision Board event together, I love them) tagged me on Facebook to announce that she has just closed the paperwork on her new home. She ended the message with the words ‘CLICK baby CLICK’.

Initially coined by my very cool friend Alyson, those three words have become a mantra shared with all of my Vision Board clients.

That little phrase is a battle cry of awesomeness.

Every time I see or hear it, my first reaction is a fist-pump and shout of “YES!!” here in my recording studio.

Then I respond with a ‘like’, a posted reply or, if I am not on the road, a phone call or personalized video to let that person know how proud I am.

Some people have called me crazy for ‘wasting time’ that should be spent building my business.

My answer to these people: “I am cheering on my clients…I *am* building my business”.

Are you?


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