How Much Crap Can You Stuff Into Your Tiny Home?

Yesterday I had lunch with a dear friend who needed to talk.

She and I have a very cool relationship: we are ALWAYS there for each other, even just to make the other laugh on a tough day.

But, when all those tough days become stacked like cordwood, we go hang out somewhere and talk.

When you realize attention is drawn in too many directions, you can begin to feel like your life is driving an endless loop with the steering wheel locked (like NASCAR, but without the cool sponsor stickers on your car).

In her case, there’s a trailer (or two) of people and commitments bogging down her progress.

As we talked, my advice was to first go somewhere quiet (she instantly thought of her favorite place) and put pen to paper, drilling for the fossil fuels that will power her closer to success, happiness, etc.

That’s where it gets tough for her.

Digging deeper, she admitted she keeps her schedule jam-packed with people and appointments as a cloaking mechanism that ensures she is constantly ‘busy’ spinning along, not gaining new ground.

When I pressed further, she frustratingly admitted: “I just want to buy a little bit of land in the woods and build a tiny house where I can be happy.”

“But you’ve got too much s**t”, I said.

She laughed and agreed.


How familiar does this sound in YOUR life?

Although I’m traveling much lighter these days, her life used to be MY life.

Am I in a tiny house yet?


My sweet, beautiful, soon-to-be-wife Tina says we can’t have one because she likes her shoes too much…but sometimes it’s just a state of mind versus an actual dwelling.

Most clutter starts in our mind. Too many people are ‘hoarders of responsibilities’. When we overload ourselves and keep adding more and more plates being spun to make OTHER PEOPLE happy, we are killing our own spirits slowly.

If that’s how you wish to live your life, and you’re happy…please stay that way.

If not, consider letting off the gas a bit, cutting the duct tape that’s keeping your steering wheel locked (while you do endless donuts) and point your car toward what YOU want in life.

If you’re not, slam on the brakes and start making plans.

You’ll save gas, and tires, and wear and tear.

It’s not selfish, it’s self-preservation.

How many of those plates do you really need?

How many of them could/should be spun by others?

How many can you fit in your ‘tiny’ home’s cupboards?

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