Thought + Action = Fantastic Plastic Smile!

As I fished through the pockets of my jeans before tossing them in the washing machine, I smiled…again.

That’s the beauty of good memories: it doesn’t take much to RE-LIVE them, which is why I try to create as many as I can.

Last week as I stood patiently at the pharmacy desk waiting for a glitch to be fixed so I could pick up a new prescription, a woman in the line next to me had just purchased a bottled water along with her meds. I could not help but overhear as she described the pain in her hands since her recent surgery.

Turning to her with a smile, I asked: “Would you like a hand opening your drink?”

You’d have thought I’d just offered to split lottery winnings with her.

“Really?!? Oh my gosh, that’d be great!”

As I peeled away the safety strip of plastic, which wound up in my back pocket, I popped the top and handed it back to her, proudly stating: “Grape is MY favorite flavor too!”

“Thank you so much, wow!” she replied.

“You’re welcome.”


Although he may never have said the words out loud, my grandfather LIVED the lesson of leaving every situation a little better than he found it.

In the same moment the pharmacist apologized, telling me that he was unable to fix the glitch with my insurance info and asked, very politely, if I could come back in an hour or so.

“No problem, I can just come back tomorrow. It wasn’t a waste of a trip.”

Smiling at the woman who was now enjoying her water, I turned to leave.

This is what is called ‘a moment’.

We are surrounded by opportunities every day.

What we THINK and DO during these moments is up to us.

There is nothing great about what happened at that store.

There was no groundbreaking cure for a disease, no truce for warring countries and no dash into a burning building to save a puppy.

It was just a moment…and now I get to RE-LIVE it anytime I need a pick-me-up.

May you all find a little plastic smile in YOUR day too.

By the way, here are a few BENEFITS from even the simplest acts of kindness:

1) feeling happier

2) having a healthier heart

3) slows the aging process

4) helps create better relationships

5) kindness is contagious!




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