How Does CHANGE Happen?

If you did a study comparing how many people WISH they could change their lives versus those who actually DO it, I bet there’s a grand canyon of difference between the two.

Without these people, I guess I’d be out of a job…but dang it, I like them.

They have possibility written all over them.

We’ve all been there at some point, wishing we were happier, healthier, richer…almost anything you can add an “-er” to, I suppose.      

Some people understand the difference between previous performance and potential is up to them, and they take action.

Some don’t and keep floating down the river of life, forgetting they possess paddles.

To me, there are two SIMPLE steps it takes to change one’s life.

Have I always engaged them?


Am I better at it than I used to be?


My life is light years away from where it was just over a decade ago, when my PO Box was located somewhere in Stinkytown USA.

Can YOU make the necessary changes in YOUR life?

I believe you can, if you follow these two steps (see video above).

Did I create this formula?

Nope…I simply chose the right role models and took action.

You can too.


Now in his 12th year as The Motivational Firewood™ Guy, Steve Gamlin continues to share his back-to-basics blend of motivation and humor with corporate audiences around the country. Drawing from a decade in the radio industry, 7 years of stand-up comedy and his lifelong personal development journey, Steve has designed ‘real’ messages for ‘real’ people…engaging, humorous, real.


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