You Can’t Play the Blues On An Accordion!

The Who called it a squeezebox.
It’s also known as a concertina, a melodeon and a Stomach Steinway.
Okay, that last one made me laugh.
What is one thing I *never* think of when I hear an accordion?
Much like a banjo, I’ve never heard a sad sound come out of an accordion.

Every day we have a choice of what song we’re going to sing.
Basically, it depends upon how we react to whatever graces life’s buffet on that particular day.
Some days we dine on filet and lobster…other days we’re stuck with sh*t on a shingle.
Once again, it all comes down to how we deal with it.
As Sir Paul told us when he first jotted the lyrics to ‘Hey Jude’, we can always “take a sad song, and make it better”.
Does this mean we ignore the reality of what’s going on and sing our brains out in celebration every day?
What I do mean is this: take what life gives you and find the gift in it, find the potential rewards and celebrate them.
Even as the storm clouds gather, we can strap on the accordion and blast away, knowing there is sunshine on the other side of that storm.
Go ahead, pick up your Stomach Steinway (still makes me laugh) and chase away those blues.
You just never know who might need a little accordion in their ears today.
“It goes in and out, and in and out…’cause she’s playin’ all night, and the music’s all right.” (P.Townshend)

SteveLadderHeadshotNow in his 12th year as The Motivational Firewood™ Guy, Steve Gamlin continues to share his back-to-basics blend of motivation and humor with corporate audiences around the country. Drawing from a decade in the radio industry, 7 years of stand-up comedy and his lifelong personal development journey, Steve has designed ‘real’ messages for ‘real’ people…engaging, humorous, real.


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