Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Stacking!

What did you learn yesterday?

Come on, you had to have learned SOMETHING.

  Maybe it was that those last 8 seconds scorched your microwave popcorn?

  Or that the road you thought was a shortcut made you late for work?

  Or that if you dial the bathroom scale back a couple pounds, you smile?

If we pay attention, we can learn something new, EVERY day.  

It doesn’t mean we’re splitting the atom on a regular basis.

I leave that to the experts.

With the world spinning faster than ever, we are facing a near-constant bombardment of stimuli…some good, some bad. But we can learn SOMETHING from it all, even if it just means we have to turn some of it off.

Learn something. Add it to the stack of knowledge on your shelf.

Here’s what I learned this past week: how to make transparent graphics for my branding and marketing with the Typorama app for iPad (thank you, marketing dude Brian G. Johnson).

For some people, this is as simple and natural as a sneeze or hiccup.

For me, not so much.

But, when it comes to the impact it has already had on my creative arsenal, it carried the strength of a full-on atom-splitting experiment (including my Motivational Firewood™ Video Channel)!

So…what have YOU learned recently which can bust down a wall that’s been holding you back?

How can you apply it, today, to make your life easier, smoother, faster (or any other ‘-er’ you may be seeking)?

By the way:

  2 minutes and 16 seconds is the perfect popcorn-time in my microwave.

  I live in a small town, no traffic jams.

  I don’t even own a bathroom scale…which makes me smile!

Go ahead, learn something new today…then do something with it.


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