My Thoughts on the Tony Robbins Fire Walk!

If you think that Shark Week only happens on the Discovery Channel, you are mistaken.

Last week at an Unleash the Power Within event in Dallas, the media feeding frenzy began when about 40 attendees were treated for burns on the feet during one of Tony Robbins’ legendary Fire Walks.

According to reports, there were about 7000 people in attendance at this event.

Approximately 40 got that burning sensation to the extreme on the walk, requiring medical attention.

Pretty small percentage…but, as with sharks, it only takes one small drop of blood in the ocean to create a shark-sized snack attack!

What happens in these cases typically plays out like this:

Response #1, from critics: “Tony Robbins is a scam artist who preys on people!!”

Response #2, from fans: “Tony is God!”

Okay, that last one may not escape the lips of all participants, but is IS a reality in the personal development field.

How do I know this?

I have been on a personal development journey for 28 years, and have been a professional speaker/author for 12 of those years.

I can honestly state this as fact: I would NOT be in this industry if not for Tony Robbins. At age 22, with my life a shambled mess of uncertainty, I saw the late-night infomercial promoting his Personal Power-2 cassette series.

Yes, cassette.

Jurassic motivation, people.

What I learned from that program were the basics which have, when I got off my butt to apply them, created some pretty amazing results in my life.

Did that cause me to hold TR up as a motivational god at times?


The high of personal development sometimes makes us do that.

What I believe more people need to remember is this: motivational speakers, authors and others who are sharing ‘the way’ with us are just regular, every people.

They are human. They make mistakes. They are not perfect.

Sadly, too many of these people become deified by their followers.

I have seen, first-hand, how people have done this for Tony.

Our ‘motivational heroes’ often become targets for zealous critics who seek to discredit them at every turn.

Some of these speakers (and I will lump in many celebrities, politicians and religious leaders too), unfortunately believe their hype, allowing Hurricane Super-Ego to take over with Category-5 strength.

I honestly don’t care if I ever get famous as a speaker.

I don’t need a stadium-sized audience’s thunderous applause to feed my fire.

Heck, I don’t even need to walk on fire…or water.

I am just a regular, everyday guy who has learned a few things along the way and truly enjoys sharing them with a touch of humor to let people know they can do it too.

When I hear that someone takes one of my stories or lessons (what I call Motivational Firewood™) and adds it to the spark of desire, taking action…I am beyond honored, excited and proud (of THEM for DOING it, not of myself for SPEAKING about it).

That works for me, and I am truly blessed to have clients and event attendees who say it works for them as well.

And THAT is what lights MY fire.

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