Keith Urban Makes a Guitar Dream Come True!

Sometimes in life, all we need is a sign.

In this case, there were TWO of them, near the front row at a Keith Urban concert here in New Hampshire.

1) “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday!”

2) “I want to play your guitar!”

And Keith Urban saw them both.

Moments later, a young fan named Rob was on-stage playing lead guitar with Keith and his band.

There are several versions of the event already plastered across YouTube.

Here it is: Keith Urban/Rob Plays Guitar

And of course, comments ranging from “Wow, he is lucky!” to “This is totally fake” and everything in between are already lighting up the message boards.

First off, calling someone ‘lucky’ is a bunch of crap.

This kid (I’m 48, I can call him a kid) has put in the prep time, wearing out his fingers and his guitar strings for thousands of hours to prepare for this moment.

When the opportunity arrived, he was ready.

To those who commented that it was ‘fake’, claiming that Rob is a professional guitarist and had rehearsed with the band prior to the show: I honestly wouldn’t care if he had.

Actually, I’d hope that was the case.

Do you honestly think that Keith Urban would run the risk of someone popping up out of the audience and potentially screwing up a show that so many people had paid so much money to attend?

That would be disastrous.

That would be like me handing over the microphone at one of my speaking events just because somone held up a sign which read “I am a positive person, let me speak!”

Sorry, that is not happening.

Every day, we are ALL getting ready for something.

If we’re putting in the effort to improve our skills, we will more easily recognize opportunities to enlarge our audience, to ascend to new heights, to expand our horizons and recognition.

Who knows?

Rob may just play in Keith Urban’s band someday…or someone else’s.

There may be an up-and-coming artist struggling in Nashville right now who sees this video and asks Rob to roll the dice with him or her.

Keith Urban rolled the dice and won big, giving this young man the experience of a lifetime and showing an ecstatic audience what can happen when you bust your butt for years to be ready when an opportunity arises.

All it takes is a sign…or two.

As this giant spinning rock called Earth goes round and round, what opportunities are you preparing for?

And here’s the big question:

What does YOUR sign say?


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