Want to SEE the Good? BE the Good!

I know it’s not that simple…or is it?

There is some pretty bad stuff happening out there right now.

Bad actions, retaliations, more bad actions.

This is the stuff that fancy slogans can’t fix.

We are experiencing failures of humanity at all levels.

One of the biggest problems that I see was driven home earlier this week.

A family member shared a hopeful meme on her social media page, essentially saying how wonderful it would be to wake up one day to hear the media broadcast that there is peace on earth.

The replying comments all echoed the sentiment, several saying that they are praying for it to happen.

While I am not a practicing ‘anything’ when it comes to religion, I do practice kindness as best I can, every day.

Besides, what are many wars fought over?

People who think their ‘god’ is more kick-ass than your ‘god’.

Wouldn’t it be better to live by the good practices of respect and love that most gods teach?

I believe that many of the bad things happening today have escalated because too many people have stopped being humane in their thoughts, words and actions.

Things which could have been resolved years, even centuries ago, continue to fester.

There is too much ‘US versus THEM’ finger-pointing going on.

Holy crap, people, we’re supposed to be better than this.

At our core we are all living, breathing human beings who all share space on this giant spinning rock for a limited time.

We are neighbors…and some of us really suck at it.

Bottom line: creating a more peaceful planet (or even a peaceful neighborhood block) starts with each of us, every day.

Does this mean everyone is good?

Hell no.

There are some pretty despicable people roaming this planet, doing despicable things…and they deserve to be punished for what they’ve done.

This is not a Kumbaya post made of marshmallows and puffy clouds.

It is real life, and a plea for all of us to create a better place to live that life.

It’s obvious that we cannot trust the media to be a source of good things. For the most part, their motto is “If it bleeds, it leads”…and that stinks.

You can’t argue that one with me, I was in the media for a decade…I know.

Don’t believe me?

Watch the national news tonight and tell me if it starts with a story about a cute kitten being rescued.

Here’s a video I would love to see open EVERY newscast tonight:

It never will…yet this man, and every other person in this video who shared a hug, high-five or a handshake, is just as REAL as the bad people in this world.

Some people avoided this man. Others went out of their way to embrace him.

I don’t think he seemed to care very much, either way.

He just kept seeking out people with whom to engage, regardless of their skin color, age, gender or whether or not they were carrying a gun.

This is good news.

We get to SEE it, because someone decided to BE it.

YOU can be it…today.

Will you try it, just once?

A hug, a high-five or a handshake could make someone’s day, and let them know that someone cares enough to wish them well.

BE good news. BE a good person. BE a good neighbor.

The world needs it.


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