Do It. Do Something. Get Started (The Goddess Said So).

That Greek Goddess sure knew what she was talking about.
Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory (and probably the fastest thing on sandals in her day…SWOOSH), got me to thinking: you cannot achieve any victory if you’re not in the game, the race, the mix…whatever.
We all know people (some of them occasionally live in your mirror) who say they ‘wish’ they could do something, but don’t start due to the Mount Olympus-sized pile of excuses blocking their way.
“I don’t know what to do.” 
“What if I fail?” 
“People might laugh at me.”
“I don’t think I can do it.”
It pains me to see people so paralyzed by the fear of failure.
Because, not too many years ago…that was ME.
Want to get started at ANYTHING?
Just start: by doing some research, educating yourself, learning from those who’ve already done it…and then DOING IT.
Sitting on the front porch when I’m old and grey, WISHING that I’d gone for it, is one of my biggest fears in my world.
For about half of my 48 years, I’ve been racking up scars…in the best way possible.
I’ve switched careers, crashed dirtbikes, leapt off tall buildings, jumped out of three perfectly good airplanes, learned to surf, fallen in love with my eyes closed (and heart wide open), walked across stages in front of thousands of people sharing my mix of motivation and humor, shot hundreds of videos and driven 7.5 hours each way for 7 MINUTES of stage-time (this is when I learned you should NEVER make jokes with Canadian Border Patrol).
Was I good at all of these things?
Hell no.

I failed at pretty much all of them on the first try as I tallied multiple bruises, lukewarm audiences, a face-full of seaweed, tangled parachute lines and a search of my car at the border (thankfully I didn’t learn how to say ‘cavity search’ in French).

The common thread in the past 24 years of my life: don’t let your fears rob you of some pretty cool stuff. Everyone you admire as a champion, or success story, once sucked at what they do.
They started…and they kept going.
They listened to the Goddess.
They found their victories.
You can too.
Just start.


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