Do You Know Your ‘Moments’?

We’ve all seen it in the movies.

Our potential hero is struggling, perhaps crying out in despair…and suddenly the clouds part, the light shines through, the music swells and a host of heavenly angels burst forth in a triumphant chorus of “He’s back…and he’s a winner!”

Okay, real life may not be quite like this for most of us.

But…we have all had moments where, if we were paying attention, the tide was ready to turn in our favor…if we hopped the right wave and rode it to a better beach.

Perhaps it was the day we decided we were sick and tired of our results and drew a line in the sand.

Maybe it was the day a bit of knowledge crept into our brains, showing us a better way.

Or it could have been the time that someone asked a question for which your answer turned a light on, guiding you toward happier times.

This video describes when one of MY most powerful moments happened.

There was, quite literally, a storm raging.

I was sick and tired of what I’d done to my life (yup, full responsibility for my situation, no victimhood here).

Although there were no angels singing, I am pretty sure a pair of them DID show up to leave me some golf balls.

The best part: after sharing this experience, someone asked me a two-part question which knocked my doldrum-soaked life on its butt, like a pinball slamming off a barrier and bouncing me into a better direction.

Where is YOUR life right now?

Are you wading through stormy waters?

What questions is the world asking you…and are you answering them in such a way that the clouds are willing to part?

I am willing to bet that if you listen closely enough, you might just find some hope.

Your angels are out there somewhere.

And they’re ready to help you sing a pretty kick-butt song.

Will you believe in yourself enough to sing along?


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