Attitude: Do You Know the Mating Call of the Negative?

I love positive people.

Let me clarify: I love *genuinely* positive people.

The ones who walk through life on a cloud spitting sugary sunshine all day long can be annoying.

I dig people who live in a balance of “hey, the world’s not a perfect place but I am going to find something good today and run with it”.

Yeah, those are MY PEOPLE.

Then we have the negative people…those who insist on waking up every day and check their To Do lists, smiling because #1 reminds them to “Find Something to Bitch About”.

You’re picturing someone, aren’t you?

You may work with them, live with them, see them every day on the train or be otherwise associated with them.

You can often hear them before you see them.

Here’s an example of how we know they’re coming.

CLICK HERE to see Steve’s video on “The Mating Call of the Negative”  

You have several choices when it comes to dealing with negative people:

1) You can ignore them.

2) You can join them.

3) You can do your own thing, trying to set an example of ‘another way’.

I’ve had negative people around me throughout my life.

Odds are that you have, too.

You’ll probably cross paths with a negative person today.

It may be in-person, on the phone or on social media.

How will you know?

You’ll hear that mating call…and you’ll smile a little smile knowing that you have a choice.

Please honor yourself enough to know that you do, and that their path is not your path.


Please choose wisely.

You never know who YOUR DECISION may affect.


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