Thunder or Lightning…Which One are You Bringing?

If you haven’t heard the controversy yet, you’ve probably been binge-watching your favorite Netflix series safely ensconced in your couch pillow fort the last few weeks.

San Francisco 49ers back-up quarterback Colin Kaepernick has decided, as part of voicing his opinion on police-civilian race relations in America, to sit down during the playing of the National Anthem.

While some defend his right to do this by the simple freedoms we all enjoy, others are criticizing him for disrespecting the country which enabled him to make millions of dollars per year. Some have gone so far as to air videos of his jersey being burned in effigy.

 Here are my thoughts, in less than 5 minutes:

“Thunder or Lightning: Colin Kaepernick?”

My bottom-line question: will he bring the lightning…or simply rumble his thunder?

Many people talk…fewer still WALK THEIR TALK.

Which one are YOU doing in the world every day?

When you point your finger at an injustice, do your actions back it up?

The world already has enough thunder. We need more lightning.

Will YOU be the one to help make some happen…today?


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