Colby’s Shovel BEATS the Storm!

Houston, we have a problem: Colby’s snowblower is broken.

Who is Colby?

Colby is a young man of thirteen who lives next door to my Mother-in-law (Keeper of Super Teddy).

After every storm so far this Winter this young man has been there in her driveway with his snowblower, as soon as the flakes stopped flying, to erase all the white fury that Mother Nature dished out.

Yesterday, however, he had bad news.

His snowblower was broken.

Now, when Ma Nature drops more than 12-inches of snow in your yard, and you only have about 9-inches of dog…you have a problem.

I won’t say that Super Teddy is spoiled, but he’s got a “Pee & Poop Path’ that circumnavigates the back yard like he’s running a marathon!

Plus, Teddy’s path always gets done BEFORE the driveway…it just does.

That tiny bladder can’t hold out forever, people.

When Tina’s mom called to tell me about Colby’s setback, I offered to come over and use our snowblower (can be a bit temperamental, but usually does the job) to finish.

When I arrived, anticipating the worst, I was pleasantly surprised.

Instead of shrugging off his duties and blaming the snowblower, this kid grabbed a shovel and busted his butt all the way around that yard so that Super Teddy could do his business!

For all the bashing that this younger generation gets on laziness and lack of ambition (some of whom truly deserve it), Colby just raised the bar.

My first comment to Tina’s mom: “That’s some good parenting in action, right there”.

Colby, thank you buddy!

Your snowblower may have broken down, but YOU didn’t.

You picked up a shovel and did the job you said you would do, giving Mother Nature the finger in the process (MY words not yours, I don’t want you to get in trouble for having a dirty mouth, ha ha).

As an adult, you just taught ME a lesson.

Some days we show up to work and not all of our tools are there to bail us out.

What we need to remember is to simply grab the best resources available to us, put our backs to it, and keep on shoveling through the mess.

Business professionals and entrepreneurs…are you hearing the lesson?

It’s there, and I just took it like a snowball to the face.

Well done, young man!


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