Why Did You Do That?

That one simple question…WHY?

Too many people are shrugging their shoulders with a dismissive “I dunno”, not even trying to take any responsibility for their actions and the results, for better or worse.

Have *I* done it?

 Oh, hell yes.

 Do I try to fall on the side of *purpose* these days, knowing MY why?

Even more hell yes.

 Think back you your last conversation with another human being.

 Why did you say the words you said?

 What was your most recent social media post?

 What was the reason behind it, positive or negative?

 Last time you were out in public, what did your actions say about you?

 Here’s a new video stressing the importance of WHY.

Steve’s Video: Important Question WHY?

 I had to laugh this week as Apple announced it’s latest iPhone generation, the “X” (pronounced ‘ten’ for us non-Romans).

 It appears to have the highest starting price of any of their phones thus far: starting at $1000.00.

 Holy crap…it’s a phone.

 Granted, it’s a phone that can do some pretty cool stuff.

 As with every other launch, I bet people will camp out in line for days, peeing into soda bottles and crapping in bread bags so they don’t lose their place in line…just to have that ‘latest, greatest gadget’ in their hands.


 It goes across the board to everything.

 In my industry, we are plagued by too many gurus who talk about their ‘Super Secret Success Formulas’ as they maneuver between their Ferraris, yachts and mansions.


 Why are so many people concerned with stockpiling ‘stuff’, fancy bling that they think makes them bigger and better?

 I’ve got a bunch of friends from Keller Williams Realty (they are a speaking client of mine here in new England) who are currently down in the Houston area helping with the clean-up in several neighborhoods.

 According to my dear friend MaryBeth, there is one thing nearly ALL of them have in common: all their ‘stuff’ is piled up on the curb, ruined by flood and mud, waiting to be collected as garbage, regardless of price tag.

 Please don’t think I am saying we should not have cool, beautiful, expensive things.

 The message I wish more of us could understand is:

 Wouldn’t it be helpful to know WHY we want what we want, why we do what we do, and why we say what we say?

 This can help enhance ad strengthen the good things we are doing in this world, and maybe (hopefully) help some people realize that what they are doing and saying is not serving the world, or themselves.

 Go ahead, ask yourself “WHY?” a few times today.

 It might just make a great big difference in your life.

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