As an award-winning speaker, radio personality, stand-up comedian and author, I enjoy motivating and empowering others with a humorous style and vision.

For me, the most important outcome is helping others to identify their passions, and challenging them to make those passions part of their daily lives.

My latest book: “20 to Life (In a Good Way)” is a collection of simple actions one may take to create positive energy and share it with the world. The included Action Pages allow the reader to document successes and create momentum on a solid foundation of positivity.

Presentations include:

Attitude, Action & the Law of Attraction  You have the ability to choose and shape your destiny with these three important components!

Jumpstart Your Dream Life!   By blending the important ingredients of passion, goals, balance and visualization, you can begin kicking your life into gear, beginning today. 

Blueprints for Life: The College Success Plan   Why do so many students insist on entering college with a kindergarten mindset?  Geared toward incoming students and their parents, this humorous presentation focuses on creating a solid foundation for life.

A successful life is all about giving and sharing, and I am passionate about sharing my enthusiasm and message with the world.


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