Why Did You Do That?

That one simple question…WHY?

Too many people are shrugging their shoulders with a dismissive “I dunno”, not even trying to take any responsibility for their actions and the results, for better or worse.

Have *I* done it?

 Oh, hell yes.

 Do I try to fall on the side of *purpose* these days, knowing MY why?

Even more hell yes.

 Think back you your last conversation with another human being.

 Why did you say the words you said?

 What was your most recent social media post?

 What was the reason behind it, positive or negative?

 Last time you were out in public, what did your actions say about you?

 Here’s a new video stressing the importance of WHY.

Steve’s Video: Important Question WHY?

 I had to laugh this week as Apple announced it’s latest iPhone generation, the “X” (pronounced ‘ten’ for us non-Romans).

 It appears to have the highest starting price of any of their phones thus far: starting at $1000.00.

 Holy crap…it’s a phone.

 Granted, it’s a phone that can do some pretty cool stuff.

 As with every other launch, I bet people will camp out in line for days, peeing into soda bottles and crapping in bread bags so they don’t lose their place in line…just to have that ‘latest, greatest gadget’ in their hands.


 It goes across the board to everything.

 In my industry, we are plagued by too many gurus who talk about their ‘Super Secret Success Formulas’ as they maneuver between their Ferraris, yachts and mansions.


 Why are so many people concerned with stockpiling ‘stuff’, fancy bling that they think makes them bigger and better?

 I’ve got a bunch of friends from Keller Williams Realty (they are a speaking client of mine here in new England) who are currently down in the Houston area helping with the clean-up in several neighborhoods.

 According to my dear friend MaryBeth, there is one thing nearly ALL of them have in common: all their ‘stuff’ is piled up on the curb, ruined by flood and mud, waiting to be collected as garbage, regardless of price tag.

 Please don’t think I am saying we should not have cool, beautiful, expensive things.

 The message I wish more of us could understand is:

 Wouldn’t it be helpful to know WHY we want what we want, why we do what we do, and why we say what we say?

 This can help enhance ad strengthen the good things we are doing in this world, and maybe (hopefully) help some people realize that what they are doing and saying is not serving the world, or themselves.

 Go ahead, ask yourself “WHY?” a few times today.

 It might just make a great big difference in your life.


Oh Crap…I Gotta Go Relax! (Meditation Situation)

I own two businesses.

I spend too much time on social media.

I love 5-Hour Energy…and before you try to tell me that it’s going to kill me, let me remind you that the last person who told me that had to put down her cigarette to inform me.

This is why I truly appreciate my awesome friend Carlos Perez.

Carlos is as down-to-earth and ‘real’ as they come. He understands all the wiring that keeps the world flowing harmoniously…and can also tell me why my life blows up in sparks “when I touch these two wires together”.

In addition to being a chiropractor from way back, Carlos is also part of an incredible holistic health collective at the The River Guild in Concord NH.

Like I said, I’m busy.

You can add to that: often scattered, unfocused, occasionally lazy, unfocused, overwhelmed…and did I mention unfocused?

When I received Carlos’ invite (on social media, a pretty obvious place to find me) for a ‘Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Meditation’ session, I was confused.

Basically, I had no clue what a ‘chakra’ was.

Isn’t that the stuff you find in the produce section next to the asparagus?

Turns out that is ‘okra’…and mine is not out of alignment.

Chakras are basically the 7 centers of spiritual power in the human body (thank you, on-line dictionary).

As he does structurally as a chiropractor, Carlos and his River Guild friends can work wonders holistically as well.

I clicked ‘I Will Attend’ at the on-line event page on the day of the event, set an alert in my phone and went back to my crazy, unfocused yet super-busy day.

At 5:10pm, I was jarred from my social media coma by the alarm.

My first words: “Oh crap…I gotta go relax!”

Upon arriving, I shared that little ‘blurt’ with Carlos, and he loved it.

“You’d be surprised, brother, how many people do the same thing”, was his reply.

As a first-timer, unaware of what to expect, I decided to follow the others into the storage room for a pillow and a mat.

Despite doing my best to maintain a sense of “Oh yeah, I know exactly what this is all about”, I claimed a piece of ‘corner of the room’ real estate as my mind continued to race whiles Carlos opened with his intention for that night’s journey (I’m thinking “Wow, he’s gonna play a Journey song on the crystal bowls? I’d like to request anything except Don’t Stop Believin’, please!”).

This is the inherent danger of being a former radio personality and 24-year owner of a DJ company.

Slowly, the soothing sounds of the bowls met my mind at the crossroads.

I slowed down.

I relaxed.

I probably snored.

My most vivid memory of this event was a particular thought which was causing me stress. At the time, I was several months away from the single largest and (in my mind) most stressful speaking event I’d ever had on my schedule.

During the relaxation journey, I began to see myself confidently moving across the stage, perfectly engaged with my audience and, as we journeyed through each of the chakras, built myself a pretty dang powerful image of myself ROCKING that event, connecting seamlessly with the attendees and making my client (and my agent) very, very happy.

As the session drew to a close, I must have sat there for another 20 minutes, basking in the glow of the journey, feeling as though I’d just shed 80 pounds of stress (hey elliptical, wish YOU could help me lose weight so quickly!) and began to find strength in this NEW vision of my upcoming speaking event which, by the way, effortlessly matched the vision (even though several potential train-wreck moments actually did pop up while on-stage).

Essentially, expectation met outcome and gave each other a great big high-five.

I’ll admit, although I have always been fascinated by things like this, I’d never really been one for attending the events, though.

Too hocus-pocus, woo-woo and hippie for me?


But not anymore.

I have been to several of Carlos’ events since then, and each one has been an adventure.

Although I am still occasionally scattered, unfocused and hopelessly embedded in social media (hey, it’s how I share my message with the world), I take great joy in the fact that I now have a vehicle to help keep me grounded, to get back in alignment, to dig deep and get back to my relaxing roots to help the BEST of me come to life.

And when the day of each of Carlos’s events arrives, I still like to set my reminder so that I can have a good laugh as I jump up from my desk shouting: “Oh crap, I gotta go relax!”

And another Crystal Bowl Journey begins.

Go ahead. Get in alignment.

And don’t stop believin’.

Why #PurpleKoolAid is My Favorite!

When I am asked about my clients, I often react like a parent who’s been asked: “Which one of your kids is your favorite?!?”

Truth is: I sincerely do love and appreciate all of my clients.

A big part of that is the way we meet, which is typically an alignment of energies.

Basically, I don’t cold-call. Some marketers will hammer me for admitting that.

My reasoning is simple: I want to gain clients for whom I am a good match, energy-wise, message-wise and integrity-wise.

They come by referral, through networking and response to the messages I create and share through my radio shows, video channel and articles.

One of my longest-standing regular clients is the Athena’s Home Novelties Company.


I have been invited to share nearly a dozen presentations with them, including my 5th annual “Engaging Your WHY: Vision Board” event happening later this month.

With team members scattered across 44 states, they are among the most passionate, driven, caring, supportive and joyful people I have ever known.

Now, when someone gets THIS excited about a company or program, they are often referred to as “having drunk the Kool-Aid”.

Sadly, this is often said with a negative tone, as though it is wrong to get so excited about something.

My industry probably deserves partial blame. Too many gurus getting too many people amped up to 11 (thank you, Spinal Tap) created crazed, rabid fans who can scream the slogans…but not have the heart to match the mission.

The #PurpleKoolAid of Athena’s though, is real.

Although we work together ‘live’ once per year, I do my best to lend my support and encouragement year-round via social media posts, coaching webinars and personalized videos.

The goal for me, as a speaker, is to have long-lasting IMPACT for them.

I believe that should be the goal of ANYONE, in any industry: to swing for the fences every time you work with your clients, and hope you have made a lasting difference.

This weekend, while they were celebrating their annual weekend conference, they gave me a heaping helping of joy and emotion within the first 30 seconds of this video. CLICK HERE TO VIEW!

I can think of 10,000 reasons why I appreciate Kerri Sellers right now.


Because that is how much money she just won, two seconds after mentioning my name and the mindset I have tried to bring to their team!

The “CLICK CLICK” she mentioned was the approach I created when looking at goals like an old wooden roller coaster.

Have you ever set a goal for yourself that scared the crap out of you the next day when you realized it was huge…AND you had shared it out loud in front of other people?

Yup, me too.

By breaking it down into manageable chucks and consistent daily actions (CLICKs), we get closer and closer to their achievement, and then we get to enjoy the ride to celebrate.

In this case: Kerri kept booking parties, taking care of her clients, adding team members and consistently building up her brand until she achieved enough success to earn one (two, actually) of the keys that gave her the opportunity to open that $10,000 Treasure Box.

I could not be more proud, or honored, at seeing how my little message has become part of the fabric of this amazing company, and I cannot wait to see where their 2017 Vision Boards will bring them.

Where could the CLICK, CLICK of the roller coaster take YOU this year?

How will you celebrate when it does?

Will you rock the house like you’d taken a great big gulp of Purple Kool-Aid?

OH YEAH!!!! 🙂

How Did You Jumpstart Your Day?

There was another debate recently.

No, I did not watch it.

Why not?

Because I’ve got better things to do than watch two circus monkeys have a sh*t-fling across every major TV network.

I am informed. I know the track record of each. I know what their positions are on the major issues, simply by looking them up on-line.

There should be a skull and crossbones shown at the beginning of each debate saying “Side effects of the following program include anger, resentment, de-friending on social media, the tossing of TV remotes and a complete loss of rational thought and reasoning”.

Many people begin THE NEXT DAY in a bad mood, and blamed it on the debate, forgetting that while we all have to listen to the noise, it is up to EACH OF US how we react to it.

Here’s how my day began:

1) assembled the weekly bag lunches for a local homeless veterans

2) took a beautiful photo of the bright foliage and the barn next door at sunrise

3) thanked my friends for sharing my latest video on their social media pages

How did YOU jumpstart YOUR day?

Did you intentionally do something positive, listen to your favorite music, read something inspiring, watch something funny, share a hug, have a kind word with someone?

By the way, as I was making the lunches, I was doing my best Mick Jagger/Keith Richards combination of moves, rockin’ around my kitchen…wearing a great big smile.

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I believe what you intentionally plug into your heart and mind before you make that breakfast is even more important.

How did you start YOUR day?

Do you need to improve on it tomorrow?

Will you?

Gratitude…and Go-Giving!

Now in my 12th year as a professional speaker (just over half-way to ‘Overnight Success’) and in my 23rd year as an entrepreneur, I am often asked for tips and resources that helped me survive this long.

There are a handful of books I recommend (as I respect their authors a ton), which have served to inspire me or give me a swift kick in the butt, whichever I needed most at the time.

Here is the list, my gift to you, that falls out of my head at a moment’s notice:

Mark Sanborn: “The Fred Factor”

Joe Calloway: “Becoming a Category of One”

Scott McKain: “Create Distinction”

Larry Winget: “It’s Called Work for a Reason”

Randy Pennington: “Make Change Work”

For those not in-the-know, these gentleman are collectively known as The Five Friends, and I am grateful to each of them for what they’ve taught me.

I highly recommend you check them out. Every book listed above can help make a great BIG difference in your results, if you’re paying attention and taking action.

Anyway, back to my list. There is one additional book I need to mention. One that I have read (okay, listened to) more than any other book ever written: “The Go Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

This video includes the exciting results of several of the book’s ‘5 Laws of Stratospheric Success’ and also serves as a THANK YOU to my most recent clients who helped make a bunch of our friends (human and fuzzy-faced) very happy.

Click here for Steve’s “Gratitude and Go-Giving” VIDEO

Who are YOU surrounding yourself with these days?

Are you investing your time, and your mind, in people who are helping to make good things happen?

Do you regularly recognize moments of goodness in your life, and thank those who help to make them happen?

How can you include GIVING and GRATITUDE on your path to success (whatever that looks like for you)?

Be Positive on Purpose (Store Clerk)!

I love being a positive person, on purpose.

I like making people laugh and realize that they matter.

I like creating moments that people will (hopefully with a smile) remember at the end of their day.

Sadly, not everyone shares this intention.

As we get closer to the holidays (ugh…okay, I realize the leaves are still on the trees), one thing I am reminded of each year is just how rude and impatient some people are.

Don’t think it’s a that big of a deal?

Go to YouTube and look up ‘Rude Customers’.

Yes, I do realize that you can also look up ‘Rude Customer Service’ and see the negativity come flying across the counter from that direction as well.

From my personal observations, there are more rude customers than employees.

Why is this?

Again, from my personal opinion: because customers know they can be rude and the employees are not allowed to be rude back to them.

It’s a bit of bullying…victim can’t fight back (without risk of being fired, in many cases).

Somewhere along the line, someone coined the phrase ‘the customer is always right’…which I believe is a power-shifting pile of crap.

This is one thing I love about being self-employed.

Have I been verbally abused by people at events over the years, as a DJ or a professional speaker?

Yes…on both.

What I finally began to do was ask: “Do you have any idea how rude you are?” to those who felt they could say anything they wished to me without reprecussion.

You should see their faces when that greets their ears…priceless.

Sorry, I don’t pay myself enough to put up with their crap.

The people I do my best to encourage are convenience store clerks.

They are stuck behind the counter with the lottery tickets and slow-rolling hot dogs, listening to some peoples’ rudeness all day, every day, as if they are at the center of everything that is wrong in their customers’ lives.

Does this approach work every time?


Some people will look at you like you’re an idiot.

Some might actually be rude.

It happens.

So, we pick our battles…and do our best because it is the right thing to do.

We seek out those who look like they might benefit from a smile, those who appear beaten down, those who look like they could use a bit of encouragement.

It can be as simple as looking someone in the eye and saying “I hope your day gets better”.

Go ahead. Try it.

You might just discover that the day that improves most…is yours.

Are You Taking EVERY Step Toward Your Success?

I don’t know what your goals are…but I hope YOU do.

It doesn’t really matter what they are, as their achievement boils down to some pretty basic steps.

This is the part of the article where some gurus will give you a special link to their ‘Super Secret Formula’ for success, with ‘Sweet Baby Ninja’ Access for just $97…but wait there’s more!!

I am IN the personal development industry, and many of those offers drive me nuts.

Did I recently go through an experience that taught me all the basic, necessary steps to achieve a goal?


Was it on a cloud-ringed mountaintop in Tibet with a wise, bearded guru-dude?


It was in the woods at the far end of my Dad’s property in Dunbarton NH (elevation: 825 feet above sea level, no nosebleeds here) while cutting firewood for the upcoming winter.

What was my goal?

A shed full of firewood (about 1.5 cords) for the upcoming winter.

It’s important to quantify our goals as well as knowing what they look like.

Not everyone gets that step right.

Too many people just say “I want my life to be better!”

When asked how (or even why), too many have no idea.

That’s sad, in a way, because knowing what you DO WANT is the first step.

After that, the others line up like this:

   2) Find Your Resources: Where will you start, what will you need to achieve?

   3) Invest in Tools: What skills or products will you need, who do you need to meet?

   4) Plan Your Strategy: What steps do you need to take, in what order?

   5) Take Action: This is where those who simply ‘Hope Wish & Dream’ fail!

   6) Collect Your Winnings: Gather your successes, appreciate, make room for more.

See? No secret formula, program or expensive weekend event.

Here is a VIDEO which accompanies this message.

Just something that is working for a regular guy like me who learned something valuable and wanted to share it.

If you’ve got something in your life that could use some improvement (goals, money, job, relationship…anything), I sincerely hope this simple message can be helpful in getting you UN-stuck and on the way to something better…whatever that looks like, for you.