Are YOU a Big-Hands Encourager?

More than half the class.

I couldn’t believe it.

When asked if people in their lives uttered phrases (imagine a whiny voice here) like:

“Why do you want to do that? Why are you going back to school? You failed the last time. What do you think, you’re better than us?”…more than HALF the class raised their hands.


Many of these young people live in cities which have struggled with poverty, drugs and crime for decades. They are doing their best to rise above, to not be statistics, to help show the way for those who have lost hope…and they’ve got people crapping on their dreams.

In this new video, I explain why life resembles an old wooden roller coaster, and how negative people like this can ruin the ride for us all.


QUICK QUESTION: Think back to your most recent human interaction.


Did you praise, give hope, support, offer a kind word…or at least smile?

Every day, there are people in our lives who are just trying to make it through another day.

Does this mean we heap undeserved praise, scream puff-ball motivational quotes from the rafters or wear fake pasted smiles all day long?

Not at all.

I believe we need to be real with the world, but we also need to find the tiniest bits of hope and inspire the souls of others to take those sparks into flame.

Someone in your path needs encouragement today.

You could:

make a phone call
send a text or e-mail
write a note
send a card
make a positive comment (or at least a ‘like’) on a social media page
give a hand-shake, hug or high-five
share your favorite memory or characteristic of that person

There are many ways to encourage, many ways to be a Big Hands Person (see video above for the definition).

The world already has enough Big Feet People stomping all over it.

Park your pavement-pounders for the day and focus on where you can add encouragement.

Think of those students.

Half the class.


Big hands.