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Tell Your Turkeys to Go STUFF Themselves!

When you sit down at Thanksgiving dinner, are there certain foods you don’t like?

For me, it’s cranberry sauce from a can.

I don’t dig the tartness of cranberries, and the ribbed reminder of the inside of the can looks odd…and makes those of us who watched “Beavis & Butthead” giggle.

Consequently, I make sure the plate of cranberry sauce stays far away from my place setting at the Turkey Day dinner.

It’s a pretty simple concept: if there is something you don’t care to be around, don’t keep it around you.

The same goes for PEOPLE in our lives whom we wish to not have near us.

Maybe they are tart.

Maybe they are distasteful.

Heck, maybe they’re ribbed.

Bottom line: if you don’t want to be near them…don’t be (even if it simply means you don’t let them drag you down emotionally).

If I were to ask: “Who is the most negative, toxic person in your life right now?”…would a name or a face come to mind?

Was this the same person you would have envisioned a year ago, had I asked you then?

If so, why is that person still allowed to be this close to you, making you miserable?

It could be a client, a family member or just a hanger-on who hasn’t been booted out of your orbit…yet.

It’s not an easy conversation. Many people who try to be nice and ‘like to be liked’ have a tough time confronting toxicity. It has always been a challenge for me.

Bottom line comes down to two words: HONOR YOURSELF.

We’re in the home stretch of yet another year.

Life rolls on and, as Pink Floyd put it so bluntly, we find ourselves “shorter of breath and one day closer to death”.

Got some turkeys in YOUR life?

Maybe it’s time to shuffle the line-up around the table at which you give your thanks.

Are there a few turkeys who need to “Stuff it” and be excused from YOUR table?

What I have discovered over the years is this: when you make room at your table, you’re actually making room for better to take their seats.

Here’s to YOUR celebration of thanks this year!!

May you enjoy great company, celebrate happy memories, engage in positive conversations and fill your face with nothing but delicious goodness.

What am I thankful for this year?