How to use visualization

Visualization + Daily Action​ = SUCCESS.

Too many people say: “If you can see it, you can be it!”

 That may be technically right, but I prefer to tack on this addendum (although it will pretty much take it beyond the character allotment for a bumper sticker:“If you can see it, great…now get off your butt and MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

 How do I know this is a difference-maker?

 I was one of those people who sat around dreaming up an awesome life…and not doing a damn thing about it.

 My early Vision Boards were littered with things that “might be cool to have” but did not inspire me enough to get off my butt and MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

 As a result, I felt like more of a worthless turd than when I started.

 The day that I took a spin on an old wooden roller coaster is the day that all changed.

That’s when I realized that having goals can be great, but that we need to create desired outcomes (in all areas of our lives) which motivate us to wake up every day and put in the effort to CLICK CLICK CLICK closer to the top of that first hill (after which we get to enjoy the fruits of our labors, powered by momentum).

 What we also need to do is surround ourselves with the right people who can educate, inform (or even just scream along and share the joy with us), the most enriching resources and a focused, deliberate mind.

 During a recent Vision Board coaching session with Jennifer (one of my incredible clients), I realized she was the perfect LIVING EXAMPLE of this process!

 How is Jennifer doing it? Click on the video above to hear how she is ROCKING her way to one of her biggest goals, one CLICK at a time.

 ‘Seeing’ something is good, but may not be enough to make it happen.

 Sometimes you need to put stickers in your shower, like Jennifer did.

 She’s a ROCK STAR at this, and you can learn from her…like I did.

 Look out, Serengeti…here she comes!