An Everyday Ordinary Average Unlikely Hero

It could hardly have been scripted to finish more dramatically.

For those who may not be card-carrying members of Red Sox Nation, or understand the drama these ‘cardiac kids’ can muster, a game earlier this week was nearly a Code Blue…STAT!

A 10-year minor-league veteran made his Red Sox major league debut by tying the score with a home run in the bottom of the eighth inning…then came back around to WIN the game with a wall-ball hit in the bottom of the 9th.

Save those Darnell McDonald rookie cards, boys and girls!


An unlikely hero at best, McDonald had been called up to the major league roster to fill a slot vacated by a banged-up ballplayer, and set Fenway Park on fire in his debut.

An everyday, ordinary, average, unlikely hero was born.  Sweet.

Even better, his post-game comments were humble and sincere. He dedicated his performance to all the guys who are still slogging it out  day after day in the minor leagues, enduring harsh conditions in the hope that their spark stays alive long enough to catch major league fire. It is clear that he LOVES playing this game of baseball, and appreciates this game called life.

He is also aware that this could all go away in a heartbeat, so he is enjoying today, for today.

How can YOU impact YOUR team today?

Could you step in a key situation and score? 

Could you be a hero, as David Bowie sang, even if it’s “Just for one day”?


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